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Melanie Klein

Why Body Image Isn't Just A Feminist Issue

I didn’t want to be seen in junior high school. I’d hide under baggy t-shirts, walk with my shoulders hunched forward, eyes focused on the ground and...

Melanie Klein
August 27 2013

A Look at How Yoga Became a Tool for Women's Empowerment and Activism

Feminism and yoga changed my life. In fact, I often credit them for saving my life and they just so happened to come into my life around the same...

Melanie Klein
December 12 2012

How Yoga Changed My Mind (And My Relationship to My Body)

For the women in my family, the body was a source of anxiety, shame, a measure of discipline and worth – something to fret over, scrutinize, and...

Melanie Klein
October 23 2012