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Megan Vick

3 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

Whether you’re paralyzed by your to-do list, dealing with a tragedy, or just miserable in your job, remember that you're not alone. There are dozens,...

Megan Vick
November 5 2012

6 Reasons Every Athlete Needs Dance and Yoga

Today, there is more physical demand on athletes than ever before. They have to hit harder, run faster, and play longer. This takes a toll on the...

Megan Vick
October 10 2012

3 Ways Yoga Changed My Attitude

In honor of National Yoga Month, I’ve done some reflection on my life before and after incorporating yoga into my daily routine. What I have...

Megan Vick
September 25 2012

5 Hidden Horrors in Your Beauty Routine

The best part of waking up is antifreeze on your face?! You may not know it, but many cosmetics contain horrifying ingredients. Many personal care...

Megan Vick
September 11 2012