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Matt Cooke

Why You'll Never Reach Your Goals

Many of us confuse strategies with goals. Do you find you set goals for yourself, but can never actually attain them? Maybe it’s because you are using...

Matt Cooke
November 7 2012

5 Tools to Revamp Your Meditation Practice

Has focusing on the breath or a mantra brought you to a plateau in your meditation practice? Maybe you even gave up completely from the frustration of...

Matt Cooke
September 28 2012

4 Ways to Actually Show Up Off the Mat!

How do we take what we do on the mat, and instead of throwing it away after class, turbo-charge it by showing up off the mat; authentically...

Matt Cooke
September 25 2012

6 Ways to Stop Should-ing All Over The Place

Why is it that we feel we need permission from others to make a silly noise or ask a question? Growing up, I had the privilege of awesome parents who...

Matt Cooke
September 21 2012

6 Ways to Steamroll Gossip and Blame

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi’s famous quote is a sweet check-in for how we are showing up in the world before gossiping about...

Matt Cooke
September 13 2012