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Mary Vance

10 Tips To Get Really Great Sleep

Sleep is so critical to good health and wellbeing; just ask someone who isn't getting any! Poor sleep affects every area of your life. You feel foggy,...

Mary Vance
May 23 2013

How I Quit Being Negative & Got Happy

I've always been cynical. Sarcasm makes me laugh, and complaining burns off some steam. When someone close to me commented on my negativity and my...

Mary Vance
April 19 2013

Raw Recipe: Energy-Boosting Maca Truffles

If you’re tempted to hit the vending machine when the 3 p.m. sugar cravings hit, these maca truffles are the perfect snack for you. Keep some on hand...

Mary Vance
March 24 2013

3 Steps To Heal Eczema Naturally

If you struggle with eczema, you know that the redness, swelling, itching, dryness, crusting, flaking, and blistering can range from bothersome to...

Mary Vance
February 27 2013

Trying for a Baby? Top 7 Foods for Fertility.

Planning for a baby is an exciting time. There's so much to think about, and food should be at the top of your (and your partner's) list!...

Mary Vance
February 4 2013

10 Habits That Will Help You Become The Healthiest, Slimmest Version Of You

Looking to get in the best shape of your life this year? Here are 10 foods and habits to help you get there.

Mary Vance
January 18 2013

10 Ways to Detox on a Daily Basis

Detox has become a big buzzword. Lose weight quickly, get glowing skin, and create world peace by detoxing!

Mary Vance
December 14 2012

Stop Sugar from Ruining Your Life

The holiday season mean cookies, booze, parties, and SUGAR! Think your willpower's no match for sugar? Think again. You can overcome cravings and...

Mary Vance
December 3 2012