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Marissa Vicario

How Yogic Philosophy Can Help You Eat Mindfully

Since my first Ashtanga class many years ago, I’ve been a long-time yoga-lover. Like most yogis, I appreciate my practice for the mind-body...

Marissa Vicario
June 2 2013

Does Your Grocery List Need A Detox? 4 Changes To Clean Up Your Diet

With spring here and warmer temperatures on their way, now is the perfect time to clean up your eating!

Marissa Vicario
April 1 2013

6 Nutrient-Dense Carbs You Should Eat

The no-fat craze of the 90’s taught us to fear fat, and since then, with every new diet trend comes a new food to eliminate. The latest craze is...

Marissa Vicario
February 4 2013

Why I Don’t Juice Cleanse

With a new year ahead and holiday celebrations behind, many will embark on a juice cleanse, fast or detox, the practice of avoiding solid food and...

Marissa Vicario
January 7 2013

Create Your 2013 Wellness Vision In 10 Minutes!

The end of the year is a popular time for setting goals and making health-related resolutions, from eating better to losing weight to accomplishing a...

Marissa Vicario
December 28 2012

5 Foods That Are Surprisingly Cheap, Healthy, and Easy to Make At Home

You probably know that finding the healthiest food in a supermarket means shopping the perimeter. But once you’ve loaded up on fresh produce, you're...

Marissa Vicario
December 10 2012

5 Ways to Care for Your Bones at Any Age

Composed of 206 bones, the skeletal system has one of the most important functions in the body: to provide overall structure and support and protect...

Marissa Vicario
November 17 2010