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Marina Calado

Yes, I Practice & Teach Yoga, But I'm Not A Stereotype

The word "yoga" can sometimes come with assumptions that I feel hold its practitioners and teachers to such high standards that it can hold us back. I...

Marina Calado
August 15 2013

How I Injured Myself In Yoga + 5 Ways You Can Avoid This Fate

This is probably the thousandth article on yoga injuries. A lot has been said on the topic, but I think it's worth adding my two cents. 

Marina Calado
February 1 2013

4 Ways to Fall In Love With Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is a never-ending process. A pose is never truly mastered because it never stops growing and unfurling.

Marina Calado
November 15 2012

Fear Me Not, Yoga

"Fear lives in us as tension, and asana postures are designed to release tension from our bodies. The absence of tension is the absence of fear. And...

Marina Calado
February 29 2012

Need a Partner? Find Your Self

All this hype about Valentine's day seems to heighten the social convention that dictates the need to have someone, otherwise there's something wrong...

Marina Calado
February 14 2012

Please, Step Away From the Yoga Mat!

Lately we have been reading and listening to so much yoga controversy. We have Bikram vs Yoga to the People, we have the Anusara exodus and other...

Marina Calado
February 9 2012

The Blissful Journey of a Teacher Training

This weekend I started my very first yoga teacher training. Although I have been practicing yoga for eight years, the idea of a teacher training only...

Marina Calado
October 12 2011

Take Out the Trash and Welcome the World

Recently, I did some serious cleaning and ended up putting away 60 books from my college days. They were gathering dust in my bookshelves and I had no...

Marina Calado
August 30 2011

How Yoga Might Endanger My Laziness Issues

The other day I was talking to two friends of mine about yoga. They thought yoga classes were something like boot camp. You get that leg straight....

Marina Calado
May 23 2011

Striking a Balance: Home Practice and Yoga Classes

Last year I went to my first yoga retreat. When we introduced ourselves on the first day, I mentioned how I began my yoga practice: I had gathered...

Marina Calado
May 9 2011

5 Things I Learned from Yoga and Use in Difficult Times

The Universe has a way of tricking us. We believe we have it figured out, then life sneaks up from behind and teaches us a major earned lesson. In the...

Marina Calado
May 2 2011