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Maria Marlowe

Can Nuts Help You Lose Weight?

One ounce of raw almonds clocks in at 162 calories and 14 grams of fat. A snack pack of Oreo Thin Crisps contains 100 calories and a scant 2 grams of...

Maria Marlowe
December 26 2013

Why Vitamin C Won't Cure Your Cold (And What Will)

Contrary to popular belief, mega-doses of vitamin C are not the best way to get over a cold. While vitamin C supplementation does support the immune...

Maria Marlowe
December 11 2013

3 Nutrient-Packed Power Breakfast Recipes

Did you know that eating breakfast can give you more energy, help control your weight, improve your concentration and mental performance, and even up...

Maria Marlowe
June 4 2013

Do You REALLY Need To Go On A Juice Fast?

Juice fasting has become trendy, with whole offices undertaking group cleanses, and juice shops constantly posting photos of the latest celebrity to...

Maria Marlowe
May 28 2013

5 Healthy Foods Guaranteed To Keep You Full

Hunger is the downfall of many a dieter.

Maria Marlowe
May 21 2013

5 Best Foods For A Beach Body

Beach season is here, which means it'll soon be time to break out the bikinis and swim shorts. Ensure a flat tummy and glowing skin for a beautiful...

Maria Marlowe
May 15 2013

5 Foods That Make Your Skin Glow

Who doesn’t want a glowing, radiant complexion?

Maria Marlowe
March 28 2013

To Snack, Or Not To Snack? Snacking Claims Examined

You'd think we'd have nutrition science down by now. After all, we’ve been eating since the cavewoman days. But alas, there are still so many...

Maria Marlowe
March 1 2013

Pomegranate Love Smoothie

Sink your straw into this luscious and creamy pink smoothie, which looks like Valentine's Day in a glass.

Maria Marlowe
February 13 2013

Why Vegans Make Better Lovers

There are many reasons to go vegan: to lose weight, to save the animals, to improve your health. But, did you know eating a vegan diet can help with...

Maria Marlowe
February 4 2013

The Secret That Will Save You From Sugar

I know it’s the time of year when all sorts of "sugar plums" are dancing in your head: from candy canes and gingerbread men to sugar cookies and apple...

Maria Marlowe
December 18 2012

5 Ways to Avoid GMOs

California was obviously duped…who would willingly give up their right to know what’s in their food?

Maria Marlowe
December 7 2012

How to Stock Your Fridge to Stay Healthy

Who would've thought? Simply by changing the way you store your food could actually help reduce your calorie intake and boost your nutrition. Check...

Maria Marlowe
December 3 2012

5 Spices That Should Be In Every Home

Ditch the table salt and irradiated ground black pepper! It’s time to improve your spice rack with delicious and aromatic flavors that will not only...

Maria Marlowe
November 28 2012

9 Foods That Will Naturally Detox You

Think the only way to detox is with a juice cleanse? Think again!

Maria Marlowe
November 23 2012