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Margrét Ann Crone

Radiant Resonances: Wake Up to Your Dreams

I like to keep things fresh: sharp mind, clean laundry, crisp produce. Stimulating new experiences. The first (and, admittedly, only) time I watched...

Margrét Ann Crone
October 19 2011

Radiant Resonances: Oh, Inverted World*

The scene: Dozens of beautiful yogis folded forward in uttanasana, a sweet, salty sweat building after a few rounds of Surya Namaskar A. They're...

Margrét Ann Crone
September 28 2011

Radiant Resonances: Yoga is the Drum Beat

It's hurricane season. Mother Nature has sent a few unsolicited visitors knocking on (and in some cases, knocking ) the doors of the Atlantic...

Margrét Ann Crone
September 16 2011

Radiant Resonances: 9/11 and Yogic Connections

Yoga is all about making connections. The word literally means "to yoke" -- to join, to unite, to attach one thing to another. To bring together. Many...

Margrét Ann Crone
September 9 2011

Radiant Resonances: The Poetry of Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga lends itself to wide classification. Commonly (mis)translated as "moving with the breath," it generally denotes a flowing, dynamic...

Margrét Ann Crone
September 2 2011

Radiant Resonances: The Yogic ReTREAT

When we think of taking a "retreat," or of "retreating," a handful of images may come to mind: a secluded sanctuary nestled in an exotic land, the...

Margrét Ann Crone
August 23 2011

Radiant Resonances: Choosing to Begin Again

I used to dread Savasana. The silence, the stillness, the solitude -- however brief -- were a volatile triad. What thoughts would surface? What...

Margrét Ann Crone
August 15 2011

Radiant Resonances: The Yoga Starts Here

I can't tell you exactly when it occurred. My shift, I mean. My transition from being someone who does yoga to being someone who believes yoga,...

Margrét Ann Crone
August 5 2011