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Margot White

Halloween Makeup Made My Son Vomit. Here's What I Didn't Know

Walk through the Halloween aisle at your local store and you'll see piles of makeup kits. Our advice? Keep walking.

Margot White
October 22 2015

11 Tips To Help Your Green Beauty Products Last As Long As Possible

That old tube of lipstick that's been sitting at the bottom of your purse for ages. The expensive day cream you only use once a month when you...

Margot White
October 6 2015

How Green Is Your Green Beauty Product, Really?

So you’re on the green beauty bandwagon! Congratulations! Now that you've done your research and know which ingredients to avoid in personal care...

Margot White
August 28 2015

How To Switch To Green Beauty Products If You're On A Budget

The scary truth is that most skin care products on the market today contain chemicals that have been linked to some serious health concerns. Over...

Margot White
August 13 2015

Hormone Disruptors: What They Are + Why You Should Care

It seems like everywhere we turn, science is telling us hormone disruptors are dangerous and can hurt our health. But let’s back up. What exactly IS a...

Margot White
August 4 2015