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Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

How To Deal When You're Arguing With Someone Totally Irrational

We've all argued with people who just can't seem to see reason. Here's the best way to handle it.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
June 28 2016

How To Lovingly Handle Displaced Anger In Your Relationship

It's up to you, as a healthy adult, to take loving action on behalf of your inner child to bring about equilibrium.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
May 11 2016

Why Loving Yourself Is The First Step To Fulfilling Relationships (And How To Do It)

There’s only one way to stop the cycle: Learn to validate yourself. Learn to give yourself the attention, approval, love, and acceptance you seek from...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
April 27 2016

The Prerequisite To True Love Most People Skip

I enjoyed being there for others, which I thought meant I was fully able to love someone else. But I later realized there was always an underlying...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
March 17 2016

Trusting My Intuition Saved My Life. Here's How To Tap Into Yours

Everyone has the power to learn to trust their inner knowing. And the more deeply you tune into that still, small voice, the less vulnerable you are...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
March 9 2016

7 Signs You're With The Wrong Partner

You wanna know if you're with the right partner, you have to start with knowing why you want to be in a relationship at all. And when it comes down to...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
February 11 2016

Don't Get Married Until You Can Answer These 40 Questions

If you’re single and you want a partner, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about what you want — mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Are...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
January 11 2016

Craving Emotional Intimacy In Your Life? Here's How To Get It

Here are six ways to increase the emotional intimacy in your most significant relationships.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
December 30 2015

3 Reasons Your Date Ghosted You (And Why You Shouldn't Take It Personally)

How often have you met someone, felt a real connection with them, had a couple of great dates, and then never heard from them again? It's happened to...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
December 16 2015

4 Things People Who Love Themselves DON'T Do (And 7 Things They Always Do)

Thirty-one years ago, I discovered that learning to love myself was the secret to emotional healing, as well as to joy, inner fullness and...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
November 26 2015

The #1 Sign You're Looking For Love In The Wrong Places (And What To Do Instead)

"I feel empty," said Andres in a Skype session. Andres is the CEO of a large manufacturing company. He’s married with three children and, from the...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
November 19 2015

Here's What True Love Is (And What It Isn't)

Love is that which supports the highest good in you and in others. Love recognizes that whatever truly serves one serves all, and what does not serve...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
November 4 2015

The 4 Keys Of Successful Relationships: What I've Learned From 47 Years Of Counseling Couples

From my own life experiences, and the experiences of the thousands of couples I've counseled over the last 47 years, I've discovered four major keys...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
October 11 2015

3 Habits That Are Ruining Your Relationship + What To Do About Them

How often have you had the experience of falling in love and believing that you have found your soul mate, only to have the relationship fall apart —...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
September 30 2015

3 Major Causes Of Depression — And How To Heal Them Without Meds

Editor's note: This piece was written by Dr. Margaret Paul, a therapist with more than 40 years of experience. It's not a diagnostic tool but is...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
September 4 2015

The One Thing That Kills Sexual Desire Faster Than Anything Else

Finally, you meet the person of your dreams. You may even think this person is your soulmate. Not only are you in love, but you feel passion like...

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
August 28 2015