5 Articles by Maggie Mahboubian

Maggie Mahboubian

A DIY Perfume That'll Make You Smell Like Sunshine

Spring smells are louder, last longer, and can fully bloom under your nose!

Maggie Mahboubian
April 5 2017

How To Manifest Your Dreams With Natural Perfume

Perfume can allow the mind to drift and shift, especially when the body is powering down. It can establish a pre-dream state and help make a...

Maggie Mahboubian
February 6 2017

How To Stay Warm With Fragrance. A Botanical Perfumer Shares Her Secrets

This is the time to wear cozy sweaters, throw another log onto the fire and sip hot soup, but there's another way to stay warm that's often...

Maggie Mahboubian
January 16 2017

3 Unusual Natural Perfume Ingredients You've Never Heard Of

Across the globe, the conversation about what goes into your favorite natural scents is becoming a passionate point of interest, with all-natural...

Maggie Mahboubian
September 26 2016

The Natural Fragrances Taking The Perfume Industry By Storm

Perfumery is undergoing a quiet revolution. The emergence of natural perfumery has ignited a strong interest in the genre, but many still don't...

Maggie Mahboubian
July 12 2016