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Maddy Moon

How To Tune Out The Crap & Map Your Own Journey In 2017

Attention is your most precious resource. How are you spending it?

Maddy Moon
February 3 2017

When Healthy Eating Becomes An Obsession: Explaining Orthorexia

I've struggled with disordered eating for many years. Out of all rituals I clung to when times got stressful, my obsession with healthy eating — also...

Maddy Moon
July 27 2015

I Struggled With Orthorexia Every Day For 7 Years. Here's What It's Like

Walking into a restaurant to meet friends for dinner, my heart pounds. I sit down and the mental hyperventilation begins. I’ve been planning for this...

Maddy Moon
July 4 2015

How To Raise A Body-Positive Daughter

It's no secret that much of our culture has become body-obsessed and food fearing. Whether you're consumed with your physique, workout, stepometer,...

Maddy Moon
February 7 2015

Recovering From An Eating Disorder Doesn't Mean You Can't Be Social

You've been asked out on a date. You're excited. The air is full of possibility. You're full of nerves and jitters, but also a pleasant combination of...

Maddy Moon
December 15 2014

I Had The "Perfect Body" & I Still Wasn't Happy

Modern day society tells us that we're not enough. It tells us that we need this body or that product to be accepted, to be loved. Shaming is nothing...

Maddy Moon
November 6 2014