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Luke Eriksen

Acknowledging Your Star Power

Be cool with every gesture, every movement, and every moment with your Self.

Luke Eriksen
May 24 2012

How to Solve a Recurring Problem

In the midst of a problem we find deep growth. It’s a checkpoint to see how far we’ve grown since it first began. Because you see, our problems aren’t...

Luke Eriksen
May 20 2012

3 Steps to Catch the Vision

As children we dream and understand (to a degree) our limitless nature. We imagine the potential and realization of that which we naturally desire;...

Luke Eriksen
May 12 2012

Own Nothing, Feel Everything

You are a unique emanation of God. Or whatever you’d like to call the Universal Power, the Divine Intelligence you mirror back as a conscious Being of...

Luke Eriksen
April 27 2012

5 Moments for Remembering Your True Self

Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, we are all conscious of when we’re living from our true authentic self; our “heart space,” as opposed...

Luke Eriksen
April 22 2012

The Well of Mind

I’ve had a humorous moment in meditation. Don’t you love those? Where an “a-ha!” moment hits and you just can’t help but chuckle at a simple...

Luke Eriksen
April 19 2012

2 Steps to Deep Meditation

Anapanasati Sutra is a “Breath-Mindfulness Discourse” that details the Buddha's instruction on using the breath as an insightful focus for meditation....

Luke Eriksen
April 10 2012

The 3 Fears

Tony Robbins mentioned on Oprah’s Lifeclass this past Monday night that fear is inescapable. It’s a feeling tone that will always exist, and how we...

Luke Eriksen
April 6 2012

Crossing the Bridge to You

The battle is for I, for I have nothing but everything to offer. And yes, while many speak of the ego as the great battleground of man, there is an...

Luke Eriksen
April 2 2012