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Lisa Talev

Powerful Questions: The Secret To Creating Positive Change

Some people are a testament to the power of will, including Hall of Famers, rags-to-riches stories, and rising stars who learned to overcome...

Lisa Talev
February 25 2013

How You Can Eliminate Negative Thoughts With Meditation

Our thoughts determine how we live our lives—right down to the last detail. Researchers have shown, some 95% of our thoughts are repetitive, and 80%...

Lisa Talev
February 5 2013

Master the Art of Bouncing Back

If there’s one simple lesson I could download into hearts and minds of people everywhere, it’s this: Happiness and success depend on our ability to...

Lisa Talev
November 5 2012

8 Rules for an Enlightened Breakup

When it very recently became clear that my husband and I love each other, but also saw it was time to get divorced, we realized that we had a choice....

Lisa Talev
September 27 2012

5 Simple Pathways to Pleasure

"An electrode was implanted in the pleasure center of a monkey's brain. Pushing a button on a small control box delivered an electric pulse to the...

Lisa Talev
September 19 2012