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Lisa Fraley

How to Raise Your Energetic Blueprint

We hear about blueprints all the time. Blueprints for success, blueprints for happiness - even blueprint cleanses. But, I am most intrigued by...

Lisa Fraley
September 20 2012

The Key to Discovering What You Really Want

“What do you really want?” It sounds like such a basic question, but sometimes it’s not so easy to answer. For many people, their response is, “I...

Lisa Fraley
September 18 2012

Go Ahead, Take a Compliment

Why do we resist accepting compliments? Why do we so often dismiss them? Perhaps due to modesty... but, sometimes, I think we minimize compliments...

Lisa Fraley
August 11 2012

The Power of Honest Conversation

How often we forget that one conversation can change everything. Never would we dare to think that we – little old us! – could actually change the...

Lisa Fraley
July 11 2012

Why Shifts Are Gifts

Sometimes we feel ourselves shifting. Shifting in our perspective, our priorities, or our desires. Shifts can sneak up on us when we least expect it,...

Lisa Fraley
June 19 2012

Where Are You Playing Small in Your Life?

Recently, I was talking with a friend who was challenging me a bit. My friend said, “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but I am wondering...

Lisa Fraley
June 3 2012

The Best Way to Reduce Sugar Cravings?

Wouldn't it feel amazing to have a fool-proof way to enjoy sweet treats without fear of inhaling an entire bag of cookies? There actually is a way to...

Lisa Fraley
April 5 2012