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Lisa Beres

The Dangerous Chemicals Hiding In Your Yard + What To Do About Them

How does your garden grow? Historically, Monsanto's Roundup has been the most trusted and widely used brand when it comes to killing grass and weeds....

Lisa Beres
October 1 2015

Unwanted Weight Gain? 6 Common Household Toxins To Blame

Does this fragrance make me look bigger?

Lisa Beres
August 17 2015

11 Ideas To Save Money, Your Health + The Environment

There's an inextricable link between your health and that of the environment. But what if I also told you that you didn't have to spend a ton of money...

Lisa Beres
June 16 2015

10 Steps To Protect Your Pets (And Your Home!) From Toxins

Let’s face it: despite hairballs, litter, shedding and all, we adore our furry family members.

Lisa Beres
May 26 2015

6 Tricks That Get You To Buy "Green" Products

According to the independent watchdog organization, the Greenwashing Index (in partnership with the University of Oregon), "greenwashing" occurs when...

Lisa Beres
May 9 2015

What The Labels On Your "Green" Products Really Mean

You’re certainly not dumb, but some manufacturers would like to think (or hope) so. With Earth Day today, many brands will be displaying their...

Lisa Beres
April 22 2015

10 Lies You've Been Told About Green Products

Ignorance can be bliss, except when it pertains to your health. If you’re paying your hard-earned dollars on products intended to improve your quality...

Lisa Beres
April 4 2015

6 Tips To Make Sure Your Bedroom Isn't Ruining Your Sex Life

Has your romance fizzled when it comes to the sizzle? For many couples who live together, routine sets in and stability can wreak havoc in the passion...

Lisa Beres
March 20 2015