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Linzi Wilson

In Defense Of Nonconformists

I found myself inspired to write this article after spending a couple of days with an old friend. He's one of those buddies you don't see for months...

Linzi Wilson
September 15 2014

New Yoga Teacher? Here's The Only Marketing Tool You'll Ever Need

You’ve done your training, you’re psyched to be building your yoga business, but your heart kind of sinks when you realize just how many other yoga...

Linzi Wilson
March 10 2014

3 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose

I'm lucky enough to work with entrepreneurs who have already found their purpose, and, in doing so, have realized that there are three fundamental...

Linzi Wilson
March 5 2014

You Don't Have To Spend Big Bucks To Enjoy Some "Me-Time"

We all know the importance of taking some time out, and we all know the importance of self care yet somehow we’ve forgotten how simple it can be to do...

Linzi Wilson
November 11 2013

Are You Ignoring Your Intuition? 7 Tips To Get In Touch With Yourself

What happens when something you thought would make you happy doesn't actually feel that great anymore? Or the job that you used to love is sucking the...

Linzi Wilson
August 27 2013

Choose Ease Instead Of Easy. Here's How.

It’s funny how we can get mixed signals from society. Some days we read about the "Work hard, play hard" ethic, and other days we hear about the...

Linzi Wilson
August 15 2013

5 Lessons Learned From A 100-Day Surf Challenge

A while back I set a challenge for myself. A pretty big one. I decided I would surf every day for 100 days straight.

Linzi Wilson
June 25 2013

When Did It Become Cool To Be Busy?

Ok, I’ve got to ask…. Since when did busy-ness become a badge of honor ?

Linzi Wilson
June 14 2013

A 3am Epiphany

Recently, I had an epiphany at an unexpected moment. It was 2am on a Sunday. I was standing in a bar, watching an incredible band play. I looked...

Linzi Wilson
May 21 2013

You Get To Choose: The Ultimate Lesson Adversity Taught Me

I had dinner with a dear friend last week. A friend who is a breath of fresh air... I'm talking about the most oxygen-filled, buzzing,...

Linzi Wilson
February 22 2013

Are Your Excuses Holding You Back?

Are your excuses holding you back? Wanna karate chop them?

Linzi Wilson
January 15 2013

How To Deal With A Sucky Day

Fridays are my fun days. No limits on how long I can surf for, how much work needs to get done or what chores are on the list.

Linzi Wilson
December 28 2012

Who Is On Your Dream Team?

What the heck is a dream team? And who’s in yours?

Linzi Wilson
December 17 2012

I Threw Out My Schedule (And Everything Was OK)

I work well under pressure, and I love the feeling of being uber-organized. But something happened this week that made me re-think my slightly geeky...

Linzi Wilson
November 26 2012

Why I'm Surfing 100 Days in a Row

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about identity….. about what makes me me.

Linzi Wilson
November 4 2012

5 Life Lessons We Can Learn from Surfers

We’ve had some super fun waves here in the last week, and I’ve been lucky enough to sneak in some early surfs before work.

Linzi Wilson
September 24 2012

India's Power Outage: A Lesson in Gratitude

I’m sure you heard on the news this week about the huge power cuts that affected hundreds of millions of people in India.

Linzi Wilson
August 9 2012

Patience, and a Sucker Punch from the Universe

They say that lessons will keep showing up for you until you learn them, and each time you ignore a little nudge from the universe, the lesson will...

Linzi Wilson
July 11 2012

Get Unstuck: 5 Simple Steps to Stop Procrastinating and Start Seeing Results!

Ever found yourself inventing things to do to avoid starting an important job? Are there some tasks that seem to refuse to budge from your to-do list?

Linzi Wilson
June 20 2012