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Lindsey Smith

Craving Carbs? This Is What Your Body Actually Needs

There are a few simple foods that will eliminate your carb cravings for good.

Lindsey Smith
January 7 2018

4 Ways To Use Tea Bags Outside Of Your Cup

While tea is certainly a popular beverage for many reasons — health benefits, warming properties and general drinking pleasure — here are four ways,...

Lindsey Smith
March 9 2015

6 Simple Things I Learned From Giving Up My Microwave

During nutrition school, we were taught all the latest controversy on everything from diets to GMOs to kitchen gadgets. And the microwave was top on...

Lindsey Smith
January 12 2015

Delicious Date Bites

I was in search of the perfect post-dinner snack that included all the elements I craved: sweet, salty, creamy and crunchy.

Lindsey Smith
September 29 2014

How Getting Called Fat Actually Improved My Body Image

I got called fat this week. I was having a deep conversation with a friend, and I opened up about some insecurities I used to have about my body. I...

Lindsey Smith
April 18 2014

Do You Worry Way Too Much About What You Eat? Here's How To Stop

Before I “got healthy,” I would constantly feel guilty about the food choices I made. I used to stress out even before I went to a party because I was...

Lindsey Smith
November 7 2013

7 Food Ingredients That Are Destroying Your Mood

Food not only affects your waistline, but it can also affect how you think, act and feel emotionally. Many foods or food additives we consume can...

Lindsey Smith
August 9 2013