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7 Things You Need To Know Today (September 5, 2018)

There's a link between using Tinder in a committed relationship and psychopathy, a new study finds.

Lindsay Kellner
September 5 2018

I Tried This $12 Luxury Swap As An Overnight Mask — Here's What Happened

Of the products and salves natural beauty has to offer, this was the closest match.

Lindsay Kellner
August 29 2018

The Full-Body Lymph Treatment We Can't Wait To Try

AKA the treatment Amanda Chantal Bacon swears by.

Lindsay Kellner
August 20 2018

Why Are We So Obsessed With Scraping Our Scalps & Picking Our Skin?

There's a reason Dr. Pimple Popper has nearly 3 million Instagram followers and a new show on TLC.

Lindsay Kellner
August 1 2018

Are You Stuck In A Low-Vibrational Way Of Living? This Rose Meditation May Help

"We need a population that can access their intelligence with clarity," to solve the problems facing our word, said Guru Jagat.

Lindsay Kellner
June 30 2018

This Guided Meditation Will Help Boost Your Resilience & Your Energy

It's a yoga nidra, and it has a very special musical element, too.

Lindsay Kellner
June 28 2018