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I Got An Eyelash Perm & Tint—Here's Why I Prefer It To Lash Extensions

Our editor can't stop trying these newfangled beauty treatments.

Lindsay Kellner
December 17 2018

Functional Fragrance — Does It Actually Work?

Functional fragrance is the latest beauty trend.

Lindsay Kellner
December 14 2018

These Are The Best Nontoxic Lip Colors For Winter

Nontoxic lipsticks have never been better.

Lindsay Kellner
December 13 2018

How To Layer Your Skin Care The Right Way

Doing it wrong may be hurting your skin. This rule of thumb will help you figure it out for yourself.

Lindsay Kellner
December 12 2018

This Hair-Styling Technique Changed My Entire Face

It's called "hair carving." Here's everything you need to know.

Lindsay Kellner
December 10 2018

Is Microneedling Something You Should Actually Do On Your Own? Experts Weigh In

If you don't know what you're doing, it can be dangerous.

Lindsay Kellner
December 4 2018

Considering Eyebrow Microblading? Read This First

Your skin or aesthetic might be better suited to micropigmentation.

Lindsay Kellner
December 3 2018

All The Face Rollers You Need To Know About (And Exactly What They Do)

What if you're a microneedle girl living in a jade roller world?

Lindsay Kellner
November 29 2018

The Truth About Pore Strips: An Integrative Derm Explains

We know, we know. Here's what to use instead.

Lindsay Kellner
November 27 2018

I Tried The Microdermabrasion Alternative Beauty Influencers Are Raving About

They say dermalinfusion is like microderm 2.0. Here's the scoop.

Lindsay Kellner
November 26 2018

The Lymph-Stimulating Products You'll Want To Try

Lymph-stimulating products will be all the rage.

Lindsay Kellner
November 23 2018

I Tried The Facial Treatment With A Three-Year Waiting List & It Blew My Mind

So this is why people will wait three years for a treatment with Annee de Mamiel.

Lindsay Kellner
November 21 2018

The 10-Minute Clean Beauty Routine This Peloton Instructor Swears By

A real-life shift away from conventional brands that looks and feels *amazing.*

Lindsay Kellner
November 20 2018

The Ritual That Can Help In Times Of High Anxiety & Uncertainty

Whether it's health stuff or the news cycle that's got you down—this can help.

Lindsay Kellner
November 15 2018

5 Game-Changing Beauty Brands To Look Out For

Welcome to mbg's first annual beauty awards! These 5 flaw-positive brands are changing the dialogue, talking about "flaws" like fine lines, gray...

Lindsay Kellner
October 10 2018

The Best Nontoxic Makeup Of 2018

Nontoxic makeup has come a long way. These are the best brands you can buy in 2018.

Lindsay Kellner
October 10 2018