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I Tried Aztec Secret — Amazon's Most Popular, Natural $11 Mask

It has more than 10,000 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Lindsay Kellner
February 27 2019

How To Do A Smoky Eye With Natural Makeup

Yes, you can. Hats off to Jessa Blades.

Lindsay Kellner
February 25 2019

These New Releases In Natural Beauty Are Totally Worth The Splurge

These New Releases In Natural Beauty Are Totally Worth The Splurge

Lindsay Kellner
January 31 2019

9 Cannabis-Infused Face Oils For Every Skin Type

It's time to embrace the non-psychoactive powers of this healing plant.

Lindsay Kellner
January 17 2019

Clear Scalp, Shiny Hair, Can't Lose—These Are The Best Natural, At-Home Treatments

Not to mention way more affordable than weekly trips to the salon.

Lindsay Kellner
January 10 2019

I Have Dermatillomania. Here's What Finally Helped Me Stop Picking

Dermatillomania is an obsession with picking and popping your skin.

Lindsay Kellner
January 9 2019

The Holistic Beauty "DIY" To Try If You Like Instant Gratification

Revitalized, rejuvenated complexion, coming right up!

Lindsay Kellner
January 7 2019

8 Best Natural, Ultra-Hydrating Masks For Dry Winter Skin

For every type of dry skin and every type of budget.

Lindsay Kellner
January 2 2019

I Tried A $25 Light Therapy Mask & I Was Impressed

Our beauty editor was an LED skeptic until she tried this.

Lindsay Kellner
December 31 2018

10 New Clean Beauty Products That Just Landed At Sephora

It's becoming a mecca for clean beauty.

Lindsay Kellner
December 28 2018

Best Body Products 2019 — Exfoliators, Body Washes, Scrubs & More

We've never been so excited about body wash before.

Lindsay Kellner
December 27 2018

How Beauty's Top Experts Really Cope With Winter Skin Blues

A list of the products and practices to turn to when skin dries out.

Lindsay Kellner
December 26 2018

I Tried Osteopathy For Headaches & Jaw Tension — Here's What Happened

I thought that gentle manipulation could never make a difference. Boy was I wrong.

Lindsay Kellner
December 24 2018

7 Sex Health Products You'll Actually Want To Buy

The enterprising individuals behind the green beauty industry took matters into their own hands.

Lindsay Kellner
December 20 2018