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Linda Carroll, M.S., LMFT

Every Relationship Goes Through These 5 Stages: Where Are You?

If you think you've found your "perfect match," you're only in Stage 1.

The One Habit Every Couple Needs For Their Relationship To Last

A marriage therapist explains the one habit that sets apart couples who last.

Linda Carroll, M.S., LMFT
November 6 2019

Is Your Partner Always Defensive? Here's What To Do & Why It Happens

Knee-jerk defensiveness might be the biggest troublemaker in relationships.

Linda Carroll, M.S., LMFT
October 19 2019

This Is The Most Overlooked Step To Healing After An Affair

Can we show compassion for a cheater and the person they cheated with?

Linda Carroll, M.S., LMFT
October 6 2019

This Is What Actually Causes Communication Problems In Relationships

Fixing communication is not just about talking *more*.

Linda Carroll, M.S., LMFT
September 29 2019

Why 'Just Trust Your Heart' Is Bad Advice For Finding A Good Relationship

You might find love, but you probably won't find a long-lasting relationship.

Linda Carroll, M.S., LMFT
September 16 2019

Where The Love Languages Fall Short: A Couples Therapist Explains

This couples therapist isn't really a fan of the love languages.

Linda Carroll, M.S., LMFT
September 6 2018

How To Rewire Your Brain So You Can Fall (And Stay!) In Love

Your attachment style doesn't have to hold you back—really.