Liddy Arens

Liddy Arens is a fertility/pregnancy/motherhood coach, meditation teacher, natural childbirth educator, certified aqua-natal instructor, and a free birthing enthusiast.

She is the founder of Urvaralife which provides a holistic approach to fertility, pregnancy, birthing and motherhood by cultivating the mind, body and spirit. Liddy studied meditation, ayurveda and the mind from great masters in India. She brings the wisdom she learned and teaches it in its simplest most accessible form. The techniques she teaches help women to unlock their fertility, establish and nurture a healthy pregnancy, shorten and ease birthing, and bring balance to motherhood.

Liddy’s interest in reproductive health developed after she was told by her gynecologist at an early age that she was infertile. She dove into deep study of ayurveda, meditation and the mind to learn how to unlock her own fertility. She worked through 5 miscarriages, and has now naturally delivered 4 healthy children. Two of these births were completely unassisted. She has taught the same techniques to women across the country who’ve also felt powerful transformations through fertility, pregnancy, birthing and motherhood.

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