Libby Hopton, M.A.

Libby Hopton, M.A., lives in the Netherlands and is currently completing a research Master's degree in clinical and cognitive neuroscience. Libby is fasincated by endometriosis, because it's a disease shrouded by misconception, confusion, controversy, and debate from an array of stakeholders with competing agendas. As a patient with severe endometriosis, Libby's quest for optimal treatment felt akin to navigating a minefield of inadequate surgery, ineffective medical therapy, and outright ignorance at the hands of the medical community. She hosts an online Facebook group called EndoMetropolis (a fun and educational hang-out for patients, researchers, and physicians) and an educational website,, co-developed with world specialist, Dr. David Redwine. She has also been involved in the development of the upcoming ESHRE guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis, a resource that aims to outline best practices for the management of the disease in Europe.

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