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Lee Holmes

The Alkaline Foods You Need To Nourish Your Skin All Winter

Your daily diet should consist of 80 percent high-alkaline foods, which means 20 percent can be acidic. Don't shoot for perfection to start, only for...

Lee Holmes
November 15 2016

A Gut-Healthy Meal Plan For When You're Feeling Blah

Because sometimes your body needs to be pampered from the inside out.

Lee Holmes
November 1 2016

A Probiotic-Rich Vegan Breakfast: Coconut Kefir

If you've ever wanted to crack open a coconut, here's your chance.

Lee Holmes
August 29 2016

10 Tips to Dehydrate Your Food

Imagine being able to enjoy seasonal foods free from additives and preservatives all year round, cut down on packaging, save storage space in your...

Lee Holmes
November 8 2012