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Leah Vanderveldt

A Turmeric Hot Toddy To Shrug Off The Winter Chill

Cough medicine is overrated; try this instead.

Leah Vanderveldt
January 22 2017

How To Make Your Smoothies More Winter-Friendly

Still want that green smoothie when the temps are freezing? Here's how to do it right.

Leah Vanderveldt
December 29 2016

9 Vegetarian Main Dishes For Your Holiday Table

Forget the turkey or ham, and make vegetables the center of the plate.

Leah Vanderveldt
December 19 2016

Homemade Sports Drinks + Energy Gels (With Ingredients You Actually Recognize)

Training for a race or hitting the gym hard before the holidays? We've got you covered

Leah Vanderveldt
November 4 2016