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Lauren Stokes

5 Universal Truths I Learned From Being Adopted

I now realize that the point of sharing isn’t to say, “My experience is worse or better, harder or easier, or more or less important than someone...

Lauren Stokes
April 26 2016

Should You Be In Therapy? Here's How To Tell

Popular culture would have us believe that seeing a therapist is a sign of weakness, or only for those with severe mental illness. But, like our...

Lauren Stokes
July 31 2015

Thinking Of Going To Therapy? Read This

All humans experience deep challenges. That applies to therapists as much as anyone else. But being therapists means we have knowledge and resources...

Lauren Stokes
July 24 2015

10 Tips To Beat The Winter Blahs

As the season changes, many people experience changes in mood, energy, sleep, and hunger patterns. Like the earth, our bodies and minds gravitate...

Lauren Stokes
November 22 2014

5 Common Mistakes That Hurt Relationships + What To Do Instead

Despite our best intentions we often fall into habits in relationship that can sabotage our sense of connection, partnership, and passion. Combined...

Lauren Stokes
July 12 2014

How To Practice Mindfulness (No Matter How Busy You Are)

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced rushing mindlessly through our daily routines, missing how there are many opportunities to turn routine...

Lauren Stokes
April 29 2014