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Is Meditation Making You Crazy? 3 Tips To Help You Be More Mindful

I am going to be straight up honest: I hated meditating — for years — and thought it was a total waste of my time.

Lauren Imparato
June 9 2015

I Quit My Successful Wall Street Job. Here's What I Learned

In honor of my six year anniversary of quitting my job on Wall Street, I am sharing the six most important lessons I have learned from venturing on...

Lauren Imparato
April 21 2015

4 Challenging Yoga Poses To Help You Find Your Edge & Try Something New

Poses read left to right, beginning at top left.

Lauren Imparato
February 27 2015

3 Ways To Get Clean From The Inside Out (No Juicing Required)

You know what I find pretty funny and even ironic? People on juice cleanses that are angry and stressed out!

Lauren Imparato
January 30 2015

A Quick Detoxifying Yoga Sequence To Jumpstart The New Year

We all want to start off the new year with a bang, whatever that means. And yoga can help with that.

Lauren Imparato
December 17 2014

Go On A Digital Detox With These 6 Steps

It is time for a Digital Detox. Yes, you read this correctly ... on your digital device. After likely months and years without stopping to take some...

Lauren Imparato
November 30 2014

You Can Always Help The Environment, No Matter Where You Are

I love nature and the environment, every single part of it. I'm just a closet environmentalist. Which is why I spent the last day of my honeymoon...

Lauren Imparato
September 20 2013

The Easiest Avocado Snack You'll Ever Make

This is one of California's best exports. (And we know there are a lot of them.) 

Lauren Imparato
May 12 2013

3 Running Lessons From A Full-Time Yogi

Since I injured my shoulder diving in July, I have not been able to do as much yoga asana as I would like, or am used to. As a result, I have begun to...

Lauren Imparato
March 1 2013

Cancer-Fighting Kale Burger (Vegan Recipe)

Yes, you read correctly! This I.AM.YOU. burger recipe is made to fight cancer, inflammation, autoimmune diseases and boost your alkalinity, immune...

Lauren Imparato
February 11 2013

What Seinfeld Taught Me About Karma And Happiness

I had a total Seinfeld moment yesterday. And I can say with 100% confidence that it was, in fact, purely Seinfeld-esque given the fact that Thursdays...

Lauren Imparato
February 5 2013

4 Foods To Help Your Body Cleanse

The human body is the most efficient machine ever made.

Lauren Imparato
January 1 2013

Don't Try to Stop Change, Embrace It

As I walked through the flower district on a warm summer Friday, trying to shrug off the past 13 hours of trading floor stress, a little something...

Lauren Imparato
December 6 2012

How to Conquer the Stages of Life

In July 1992 I had braces, a unibrow, and, despite my begging, was still not allowed to shave my legs.

Lauren Imparato
November 23 2012

The T-Mobile Induced Aneurism and the Yoga That Relieved It

I am not going to lie – there are certain companies’ customer service centers that get under my skin. T-Mobile being top of the list. This acceptance...

Lauren Imparato
October 5 2012

How to Learn and Grow From Our Injuries

Name an injury, and I have either had it, or taught someone with it, with the emphasis on the former. Currently, in fact, I have 4 torn muscles, those...

Lauren Imparato
August 29 2012

5 Signs You Need a Break + 5 Things to Do About It

Work. Friends. Projects. Errands. Family. Health. Repeat. Life has put a lot on our plates, and it seems to be adding more. It is easy to get caught...

Lauren Imparato
August 6 2012