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Laura Swim

4 Simple Steps To Feel Better During Tough Times

You know that saying, "Bad things come in groups of three?" Well, sometimes that superstition feels a lot more like reality. You get laid off from...

Laura Swim
April 28 2014

Learning to Accept the Yoga Touch

Throughout my yoga practice there has been a dramatic shift in being open to accepting an assist from instructors. After a conversation with my yogi...

Laura Swim
March 7 2012

5 Tips to Learn From and Love Your Story

Without my story, I can be whoever I want to be. This is one thing that I love about travelling; I don't need a past because I am fully able to live...

Laura Swim
January 23 2012

Create a Vision Board Inspired by Your 2012 Dreams

Kicking off the New Year by decorating a blank canvas is the perfect way to create a vision board! With reflection of 2011 and a fresh start to 2012...

Laura Swim
January 3 2012

Fundamental Goodness Revolution

As we prepare to ring in 2012, it is time to reflect on the events of 2011. In a yoga class a while back, the instructor was talking about being...

Laura Swim
December 31 2011