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Laura McDonald

5 Lessons I Learned Teaching Yoga To Seniors

While on our annual summer vacation at the Jersey Shore, I ran into Karen, one of the many friends I’ve made here over the years. Karen is my mother's...

Laura McDonald
August 28 2013

How I've Dealt With Being Estranged From My Brother

If someone asked me a few years ago how my brother was doing, a lump would immediately form in my throat.

Laura McDonald
August 13 2013

Why Yoga Makes Me Feel Sexy

There’s something about the movement, the flow, the connection, the holding and releasing.

Laura McDonald
February 19 2013

A Trainer Explains: Top 13 Ways I Get Back In Shape

There’s a perception that trainers get to work out all day. Oh, those lucky trainers! Up early in the morning, get the kids breakfast, walk the dog,...

Laura McDonald
February 5 2013

5 Benefits of Exercising Outdoors When You're Freezing Your Ass Off

It certainly seems like a good excuse, but exercising in the cold actually has some advantages.

Laura McDonald
January 27 2013