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Laura Ellis

The 3 Crystals You Need Every Time You Travel

Throw 'em in your beach bag as a pretty reminder to relax.

Laura Ellis
July 23 2017

The Counterintuitive Secret To Joy All Happy People Live By

"If happiness were a cake, this would be the egg that holds everything else together."

Laura Ellis
March 30 2017

I'm A Crystal Healer. Here's Why I Don't Think Meditation Is For Everyone

This spiritual seeker makes the case for other ways to stay Zen.

Laura Ellis
February 8 2017

Wear Them, Display Them, Hold Them. How To Use Crystals Every Damn Day

I don' know about you, but carrying a 10-pound hunk of amethyst with me every day isn't exactly feasible.

Laura Ellis
January 7 2017

How To Embrace Spirituality Even If You're A Realist

"Embrace that the world isn't black and white. It's about 3,472,198 shades of gray, and you get to pick the perfect one for you."

Laura Ellis
November 30 2016

How To Use Crystals For Better Sleep + 4 To Get Started With

Here are a few good-vibe stones to keep beside your bed or under your pillow for extra peaceful ZzzzZzzzzs.

Laura Ellis
November 6 2016

I Always Hide Crystals In My Bra. Here's Why

Your dreams and aspirations are precious and sensitive things, especially in the beginning. Of course, there's a time and place to stand up and tell...

Laura Ellis
October 14 2016