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Lara Hudson

Why I Turned To Bootcamp After 15 Years As A Pilates Instructor

Trust me, that mind/body connection really came in handy.

Lara Hudson
November 13 2016

The Simple Way To Boost Upper-Body Strength

Traditional push-ups, despite their effectiveness, aren’t what I’d call “engaging.” The down-up drudgery can be a downer!

Lara Hudson
June 6 2016

5 Squat Variations You've Never Tried Before

Think you've tried every kind of squat out there? Think again.

Lara Hudson
February 5 2016

I'm A Mom + I Don't Want My Pre-Baby Body "Back"

As a mother of two, it often feels impossible to keep up with a workout regimen. When my kids were young, I surrendered for many years to an almost...

Lara Hudson
November 9 2015

How Surviving Anorexia Taught Me Self-Love

When I was young, my mother loved to cook. There was little processed food in our house and mom made it a point to create wholesome, nourishing meals...

Lara Hudson
August 13 2015

How To Get Motivated When You're Not In The Mood To Work Out

Despite my passion for fitness, it's not uncommon for me to grow gloriously unmotivated to get up early and put on those muddy shoes for my morning...

Lara Hudson
June 1 2015

Improve Your Balance With This Back-Strengthening Sequence

Computers have offered us exponential freedom in how we work, how we communicate and how we create, but they’ve wreaked havoc on our bodies. We sit...

Lara Hudson
April 23 2015

5 Yoga-Inspired Moves To Strengthen Your Joints

I fell in love with yoga in my mid-twenties. Having retained my flexibility from many childhood years as a gymnast, yoga fit like a glove. I practiced...

Lara Hudson
March 24 2015

The 5 Best Exercises To Prevent Common Running Injuries

I've trained my share of long distance runners, triathletes and Iron Man competitors, and no matter how fit these die-hard enthusiasts are, they often...

Lara Hudson
February 18 2015

10 Things Fit, Healthy People Do Differently Every Day

I’m not too deep a thinker when it comes to why I exercise. Having started gymnastics at six years old, fitness was an integral part of my childhood...

Lara Hudson
January 27 2015

Twist Your Way To A Slimmer, Stronger Waist With These 5 Pilates Moves

When I first started out as a Pilates instructor, my clients would tell me that although they felt their strength, function and tone were greatly...

Lara Hudson
January 9 2015

Muscle Definition Is About More Than Just Fitness

There's a saying in fitness that six-pack abs are made in the kitchen. As a Pilates instructor, I believe that proper focus, form and technique are...

Lara Hudson
November 28 2014

The Secret To Getting Muscle Definition

In my 20s, I wasn't what you'd call a "hard body." Despite seven childhood years as a gymnast, despite dancing in an acrobatic company after college,...

Lara Hudson
November 16 2014