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Lara Dalch

Why Radical Self-Care Is The Best Cure For Heartbreak

I went through a breakup last year. It was terribly sad and unbearably painful, as all breakups are. But I do this thing — even when I believe that...

Lara Dalch
March 11 2014

Hate Working Out In The Morning? 3 Reasons To Keep Sleeping

You’ve heard it a million times: Get your workout done first thing in the morning. Always.

Lara Dalch
November 20 2013

7 Rules About Food We Weren't Taught As Kids

As kids, we were given many rules about how to eat healthfully.

Lara Dalch
September 18 2013

If You Do Nothing Else To Be Healthy, At Least Do These 5 Things

Okay. You're busy. I get it. Between work, friends, family, and life, taking care of YOU is at the absolute bottom of your priority list. I hear it...

Lara Dalch
August 2 2013