Lana Almulla

A Table for 1 is a platform that allows me to give back and help spread this incredible knowledge and information further creating the option to give people more positive lifestyle choices so that we live with not just an absence of disease but an abundance of vitality, in balance and in harmony, just as nature intended. A Table for 1 is looking at the human as a whole, taking all aspects of our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional beings into consideration when it comes to overall health and recognising the importance of balance, creating not just a diet but a lifetsyle. A Table for 1 is also a platform to help spread awareness on the topic of our environment; how it contributes to our health and the importance of how we can play our part in making a difference by looking after our planet, for ourselves and our future generations. With this website I invite and encourage you to use it as a guide to optimal living but also encourage you to go further, researching as much as possible from trusted sources, books, documentaries and learning from our greatest teacher: Mother Earth. I encourage you to have fun with the recipes but to also listen to your intuition making variations where necessary to best suit you. There is no "one shoe fits all", we are all beautifully, biochemically unique.

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