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Kristen Hedges

5 Ways To Harness Your Creativity, Right Now!

Even if you've never before tried to create something "artistic," at your very center rests a smoldering flame of creative possibility. If you want,...

Kristen Hedges
December 31 2013

How I Freed Myself From A Crippling Phobia

In ninth grade, I woke up with a phobia hanging heavily on my shoulders. Before, it had only been a fear. A strange, irrational fear that had been...

Kristen Hedges
December 13 2013

Hey, Not All Real Women Have Curves

This morning, I watched as a fight broke out in a previously quiet nook of the internet. The comments revolved around a photo of a woman stretching...

Kristen Hedges
November 20 2013

​11 Easy Ways To Meditate (Even If It Seems Impossible)

When I recommend meditation to my stressed-out clients, they often open their eyes wide and scrunch up their nose.

Kristen Hedges
October 16 2013

Petite Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan, Grain-Free Recipe)

My husband is the Cookie Monster. Before I infected him with the health bug, he could devour an entire box of Chips Ahoy's in five minutes flat. But...

Kristen Hedges
May 15 2013

DIY: Use Beeswax Instead Of Plastic Wrap

Beeswax smells like flowers. Like the blue, violet and crimson blooms of springtime in the South. Beeswax is warm in your palms and heavy, and if you...

Kristen Hedges
April 13 2013

Easy Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread Recipe

This quick and easy pumpkin bread is the perfect treat to feel cozy and warm in Winter.

Kristen Hedges
January 20 2013

How I Learned to Calm My Mind

I've realized now more than ever that you cannot heal your body until you mind is prepared for the healing process. When you’re...

Kristen Hedges
October 12 2012

How to Instantly Raise Your Happiness Level

What made us happy before the invention of television, fancy clothing, and the internet?

Kristen Hedges
September 15 2012

3 Reasons Why You Deserve the Best!

Too often, we find ourselves in a rut. We are unhappy with our job. Unhappy with our relationship. Uncomfortable with where we’re living. It’s making...

Kristen Hedges
September 13 2012

Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Animal

No, this doesn’t mean to eat a watermelon with your fingers and roll naked in the mud (though I highly recommend both of those things!). Over the...

Kristen Hedges
July 14 2012

How Tadasana Brought Me To Life

My life changed on a mat. A green one to be exact.

Kristen Hedges
July 11 2012