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Kristen Hallett Rzasa

The Surprising Key To Sticking To Your Workout Plan

As the owner of a fitness franchise for over two decades, my workouts were always scheduled and I never had to think about fitting fitness into my...

Kristen Hallett Rzasa
January 13 2015

Third Time's The Charm: Lessons I Learned From Recuperating From Surgery

I am in the middle of recuperating from my third surgery in a year and a half. The first was a simple procedure, then doctors discovered a mass they...

Kristen Hallett Rzasa
January 15 2014

6 Sunday Strategies For A Smooth Monday

I’m old enough to remember when most business were closed on Sundays. Irrespective of religious preferences, it was a day of rest. Growing up,...

Kristen Hallett Rzasa
December 22 2013

4 Lies Fitness Instructors Tell Themselves

As fitness instructors, we work harder than anyone else in the room. Cueing, motivating, providing safety tips, demonstrating modifications,...

Kristen Hallett Rzasa
December 9 2013

I Celebrated My Birthday With The World's Oldest Yogi

There are moments when truly spectacular people cross your path. It reminds me of the When Harry Met Sally moment when a woman nods toward Meg Ryan's...

Kristen Hallett Rzasa
March 25 2013

Home Alone? 5 Healthy Eating Strategies For The Single Gal

Full disclosure: I'm writing this as a married woman. But rest assured, I've spent my share of evenings (almost 15 years' worth) eating a bowl of...

Kristen Hallett Rzasa
March 1 2013