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Kristen Finch

How To Turn Happiness From A Goal Into A Lifestyle

I'm not going to kid myself or anyone else by thinking I've got life figured out. I'm like everyone else with so much that I still struggle to get....

Kristen Finch
December 23 2014

How To Get Better At Being In A Relationship

“Did you do something different to this pasta salad?” It seemed like an innocent question ... but I knew better. I knew it was my husband’s sneaky way...

Kristen Finch
June 26 2014

How To Rewire Your Brain & Get Happy Right Now

For years, I felt swallowed up by life. I gained baby weight and hated my body. I sat at home, feeling like I should be grateful for the opportunity...

Kristen Finch
February 22 2014

3 Life Lessons I Learned When My Marriage Was In The Spotlight

I spent my third wedding anniversary dinner crying over my sushi. I was pretty sure we had failed and were doomed to be miserable for the rest of our...

Kristen Finch
December 6 2013