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Kirby Koo

Confessions Of A Juice Cleanse Virgin: 3 Tips For Success

I am a certified yoga instructor and… I’ve never had a juice cleanse. (Don’t judge me, please!)

Kirby Koo
March 6 2013

Try This: The Art of Gratitude Journaling

Human interaction is becoming more and more virtual – which means awareness in the present moment is also more rare than before. The good news is: we...

Kirby Koo
January 4 2013

BUT I'm Not Flexible! Debunking Yoga Excuses

As a yoga instructor, you'll hear a million excuses about why someone won’t try yoga. Some are admirably creative: “I don’t like the idea of imitating...

Kirby Koo
December 9 2012

5 Natural Tips for Gorgeous Hair

Who doesn’t want long and luscious healthy hair? Unfortunately, it’s usually for a price – all of the hair treatments and styling can really add up....

Kirby Koo
August 28 2012

5 Ways to Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

Our beautiful world is overflowing with information – every step you take in life is an opportunity to grow and I am beyond grateful. At the same...

Kirby Koo
August 14 2012

8 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets From Asia

My grandmother is often mistaken for my mother, and my mother is often mistaken for my sister. As an American-born Chinese, I know I am not alone....

Kirby Koo
August 5 2012

5 Reasons to Embrace DIY Beauty

As more and more news surfaces concerning the toxic chemicals pumped into our favorite cosmetics, we are rightfully becoming more and more conscious...

Kirby Koo
July 3 2012