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Katrina Loop

Vegetable Patties With Citrus Mango Salsa

This light meal is so fresh and tasty, full of vitamins, and packs a protein punch with the addition of chickpeas. What’s not to love?

Katrina Loop
November 12 2013

Get Your Omega-3s With This Smoked Salmon Pasta Recipe!

This is my favorite pasta dish for a number of reasons. It ticks all the right boxes in term of nutrition, is seriously tasty, and, best of all, it...

Katrina Loop
September 8 2013

8 Ways To Dig Yourself Out Of A Rut & Get Moving!

Even the most motivated among us can get stuck in a productivity rut. You sit at your computer pretending to do work, but really you're scoping out...

Katrina Loop
September 4 2013

10 Easy Tricks To Grocery Shop Like A Nutritionist

If you grow your own food, it's safe to say that you'll successfully avoid processed foods with added sugar, modified oils, and all the other nasties...

Katrina Loop
August 15 2013