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Katie Hussong

Superfood Hot Chocolate With Coconut Oil, Maca + Turmeric

If you're anything like me, you love a good hot chocolate but are not interested in any of the store-bought, sugar-laiden, dairy-added options out...

Katie Hussong
January 26 2015

Get-Happy Ginger Cookies (Easy, Gluten-Free & Plant-Based!)

Life doesn't have to be about worrying about calories or carbs. When you choose to eat real, whole, mostly plant-based foods, knowing what food is...

Katie Hussong
April 3 2014

Curried Butternut Squash & Lentil Soup (It's Vegan!)

This year, resolve to eat real food — none of that highly processed, genetically modified business. Instead, discover the healing power of plant-based...

Katie Hussong
January 15 2014

10 Life Lessons My Grandfather Taught Me

It’s taken years for me to be able to look at a picture of my grandfather without crying. Although I knew we couldn’t keep him forever, losing him was...

Katie Hussong
March 1 2013