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Katie Haines

9 Foods To Eat If You Want To Quit Sugar For Good

Once I shifted the focus to what I could *add* to my diet — not what was taken away — my sweet tooth was much easier to kick. Here are the foods that...

Katie Haines
August 9 2016

Taco Dip With Chili-Spiced Cashew Cream

Fall’s arrival is marked with warm sweaters, vibrant landscapes, pumpkin spice everything and football. When you live in a college town like I do, you...

Katie Haines
September 24 2014

How My Father's Death Taught Me To Eat Without Guilt

It was a few weeks before Thanksgiving, the biggest (and best) food holiday, and my dad was dying. He lay in his borrowed hospice bed, with a nurse by...

Katie Haines
November 20 2013