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Katie Galvin

Bike Your Way To A New + Better You

Years ago, a friend of mine told me that she rode her bike to work every day instead of driving. I remember thinking how crazy she was for doing so. 

Katie Galvin
February 14 2013

10 Ways to Appreciate the Darkest Days of the Year

Now that it's almost winter, I'm reminded of just how hard it is to start the day in the dark and head home from the office in the dark. This is the...

Katie Galvin
December 7 2012

How I Made Peace with Turning 30

When I was a little girl, 30 seemed too old and too far away to imagine. I always wanted to be an adult, but mostly so I could shave my legs and wear...

Katie Galvin
October 25 2012

5 Foods That Make You Love Fall Even More

By the time summer comes to a close each year, I find myself counting down the days to the autumnal equinox and looking for any excuse to throw a...

Katie Galvin
October 18 2012

5 Tips to Forging Your Own Spiritual Path

If someone told me years ago that I would be writing about all things spiritual, I would’ve laughed out loud. Once upon a time when I was young, the...

Katie Galvin
October 15 2012