5 Articles by Kate Sciolino, LAc

Kate Sciolino, LAc

How to Stay Balanced as the Seasons Change

Many of my acupuncture clients are feeling the transition from late summer to fall right now.

Kate Sciolino, LAc
October 11 2012

How Acupuncture Improves Your Relationships

You may know that acupuncture can help you with your headaches or digestive issues, but did you know it could help you to have a better relationship?...

Kate Sciolino
June 22 2012

How to Know if Your Fire Element Is Out of Balance

Summer is officially underway. The sun is shining, and it’s time to be out and about, to visit with friends, go to concerts and parties, to enjoy the...

Kate Sciolino, LAc
June 21 2012

5 Superstar Spring Foods for Your Liver

According to Chinese Medicine, spring is the season flush toxins from your liver and to cleanse your body in general. Why? Because nature is already...

Kate Sciolino, LAc
April 18 2012

How Acupuncture Cures Spring Illnesses

The ancient Chinese observed their environment and noticed that the same basic energies that manifested in the world were also reflected in human...

Kate Sciolino, LAc
April 17 2012