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Kate Connell

How To Shift From Teaching Group Yoga Classes To Private Lessons

As a mentor to private yoga teachers, I’ve seen and heard it all from yoga educators who want to offer private classes but don’t know where to start....

Kate Connell
October 7 2014

26 Tips To Love Your Home Yoga Practice

Creating and sustaining an at-home yoga practice can be empowering, exciting, but sometimes overwhelming — how do I even begin?!

Kate Connell
August 28 2014

Jumpstart Your Home Yoga Practice + Save Time & Money!

I often hear yogis contemplate and then dismiss home yoga practice. Sometimes, I'm even privy to their 'tried that and failed' home yoga anecdote. And...

Kate Connell
May 13 2014

5 Tips To Kickstart Your Sadhana Practice!

In Sanskrit, the word "sadhana" refers to a home spiritual practice of accomplishing something. This can translate into a few different forms of...

Kate Connell
May 5 2014

How To Get Started Teaching Private Yoga Lessons

So many yoga teachers are attracted to teaching private yoga lessons — and for good reason! Private yoga sessions allow yoga teachers to deepen their...

Kate Connell
April 23 2014

How To Keep Your Own Practice Inspired When You Teach Yoga

One of the most common desires I hear from the yoga teachers I work with is in regards to sustaining a home yoga practice. Questions fill my inbox...

Kate Connell
April 7 2014

5 Tips To Keep Private Yoga Clients Coming Back

Aside from, "How do I begin teaching private yoga sessions" inquires, the most common question I receive from yoga teachers is about marketing their...

Kate Connell
April 3 2014

3 Excuses That Are Getting In The Way Of Your Home Yoga Practice

As an advocate for individual yoga practices, I often come across people who have convinced themselves that practicing yoga on their own, in their...

Kate Connell
March 21 2014

The 3 Things You Need To Start A Home Yoga Practice

Millions of Americans do yoga. On an average weekend in a small city anywhere in the US, you can head to the museum for a yoga and wine class,...

Kate Connell
March 17 2014