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Karen Sherwood

How Yoga Strengthens Me When I Fall Short

There are days when I feel like I’m riding a moving walkway. I love walking on those because it makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere without a ton...

Karen Sherwood
July 29 2013

How To Take Your Home Yoga Practice To The Next Level

When I’m teaching, I want my students to experience as many senses as possible, so I often have themes depending on the time of day, the energy in the...

Karen Sherwood
June 14 2013

Should You Be Taking Supplements?

You've probably heard about supplements and the various health benefits they purport to bring about, but it can be difficult to determine whether or...

Karen Sherwood
April 14 2013

Lower Back Pain: 10 Methods To Find Relief

Did you know that one of the most common reasons to visit the doctor is lower back pain? It makes sense, considering it can be pretty unpleasant,...

Karen Sherwood
March 11 2013

To The Girl Who Bullied Me In 7th Grade: I Have Two Words For You

Trying to fit in at a new school when you’re a 12 year-old, skinny kid with a Bon Jovi T-shirt, straggly hair, and braces makes for an after-school...

Karen Sherwood
January 29 2013

How To See Clearly During Your Most Challenging Times

We hear it over and over again that the only thing constant is change, so why do we have such a hard time embracing it?

Karen Sherwood
January 7 2013

The Diet of a Modern Yogi: 3-Part Checklist

Imagine you just ate sugar, rich dairy, or (GASP!) processed foods before a yoga class. Or how about a large coffee and a muffin before a class with...

Karen Sherwood
November 16 2012

15 of the Most Inspirational Yoga Songs Ever!

I don’t know what my world would be without music. Music has served as my self-soothing device, my release and often times my reality check through...

Karen Sherwood
July 17 2012