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10 Ways to Exude Confidence as a Yoga Teacher

When I was in teacher training, we'd practice teach to the group. The group consisted of around 50 people and you were selected at random to get up...

Karen Fabian
February 24 2012

4 Fears You Might Experience Teaching Yoga

Feeling fear when teaching yoga is nothing new. One of the personal challenges you may experience as a yoga teacher is being faced with self-doubt and...

Karen Fabian
February 16 2012

10 Steps to Take Before Teaching Your First Yoga Class

With the large number of yoga teacher training programs out there, many people are graduating from training each month. I met a recent teacher trainee...

Karen Fabian
February 8 2012

5 Things to Ask Yoga Teacher Colleagues

When I was a new yoga teacher, one of the biggest challenges was finding time to spend with my fellow teachers. We were all busy with teaching and...

Karen Fabian
February 3 2012

5 Tips for Yoga Sequencing

When I was a new yoga teacher, I had a lot on my mind: alignment, instruction, room temperature, offering modifications, building connection with my...

Karen Fabian
January 25 2012

7 Tips for Teaching Yoga to Beginners

Now that we're in the middle of January, yoga teachers are seeing beginners regularly showing up in class. This is a great time for them, as they gain...

Karen Fabian
January 19 2012

5 Teaching Tips for Keeping Yoga Safe

As teachers and students, we have an intention to practice yoga safely. Whether you call it "mindfulness" or "practicing with compassion," the...

Karen Fabian
January 13 2012

10 Tips for Working with Yoga Beginners

We're seeing lots of new students in our classes these days, excited about starting a yoga practice. While there are usually lots of articles out this...

Karen Fabian
January 5 2012

Effective Language for Yoga Teaching

As teachers, we often speak the desired actions for a yoga pose from a variety of perspectives: 1) how the pose feels in our own bodies; 2) how we've...

Karen Fabian
December 29 2011

10 Tips for Teaching Yoga Private Lessons

As a new yoga student I took a private session from one of the senior teachers at my local studio. She was an excellent teacher; one that I admired...

Karen Fabian
December 20 2011

Covering a Yoga Class? 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

I was covering a yoga class once and on really short notice. Something had come up for the teacher and I was able to cover. It was on such short...

Karen Fabian
December 12 2011

5 Personal Experiences to Use for Teaching Yoga

When I was a new teacher, I went through a romantic break-up. It unfortunately, coincided with the opening day of a new studio location. There was no...

Karen Fabian
December 5 2011

4 Tips for Building Connection with Your Students

You can strive to teach challenging, fun and inspiring yoga classes but without connection to your students, the class may fall flat. Sometimes you’ll...

Karen Fabian
November 26 2011

6 Reasons to Teach Yoga Part Time

Recently, I wrote an article called "14 Tips for Starting Your own Yoga Business." In it, I outlined some of the things to consider when you start off...

Karen Fabian
November 16 2011

Are Your Students Pushing Your Buttons?

There are many themes that may come up in the context of teaching yoga. These are found in our interactions with students, our observations of their...

Karen Fabian
November 3 2011

Yoga True or False: 10 Yoga Teaching Scenarios

Once you start teaching yoga, different scenarios will arise. You'll think back to teacher training and realize that many of these "real life"...

Karen Fabian
October 26 2011

14 Tips for Starting Your Own Yoga Business

When I transitioned from working full time in the corporate world to working for myself, I did a few things to create structure.The start of any...

Karen Fabian
October 19 2011

6 Things to Vary in Your Yoga Teaching

Once you've been teaching yoga for a while, you may start to feel more comfortable playing with different aspects of your teaching. While the first...

Karen Fabian
October 13 2011