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Karen Fabian

7 Reasons Yogis Should Learn The Basics Of Anatomy

The more I learn about anatomy, the more I become more convinced of the need for yoga practitioners to understand some of the basics. This can help us...

Karen Fabian
January 29 2014

10 New Year's Intentions For Yoga Teaching

I'd never be so presumptuous to suggest intentions for the New Year for anyone but myself. But as I share my thoughts through articles, sometimes...

Karen Fabian
January 2 2014

7 Things Every Yoga Teacher Should Know About Anatomy

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some key aspects of anatomy that are helpful to know.

Karen Fabian
September 14 2013

10 Themes To Focus On When Teaching Yoga

As a yoga teacher, do you set an intention for your teaching?

Karen Fabian
June 11 2013

8 Tips For Teaching Corporate Yoga

Privately contracted jobs give you some room to work with in terms of customizing the offering to best meet the needs of the students.

Karen Fabian
February 22 2013

10 Things to Do After Yoga Teacher Training

You’re energized by your experience and ripe to plan your next steps in your yoga career. Here are some steps to take once you’re done.

Karen Fabian
June 15 2012

10 Challenges You May Face as a Yoga Teacher

As with any job, it’s helpful to know some of the challenges.

Karen Fabian
March 8 2012

7 Tips for Teaching Yoga to Beginners

In the first days of practice, these tips can make all the difference.

Karen Fabian
January 19 2012

5 Teaching Tips for Keeping Yoga Safe

Whether you call it "mindfulness" or "practicing with compassion," the underlying idea is to be safe in our practice.

Karen Fabian
January 13 2012

Effective Language for Yoga Teaching

Language is an important piece of yoga teaching.

Karen Fabian
December 29 2011

7 Tips for Selecting a Yoga Teacher Training

A few things to consider before choosing a teacher training.

Karen Fabian
August 25 2011