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Julian Hayes II

The 3 Questions That Will Help You Find Your Perfect Diet

These three questions will help you find the perfect diet—for YOU.

Julian Hayes II
April 16 2016

6 Habits Of Fit & Healthy People

Thriving in life and fitness goes beyond our workouts and diets. Thriving in life and fitness requires a focus on our mind, body, spirit and emotions....

Julian Hayes II
April 29 2015

4 (Insanely) Simple Weight Loss Tricks Anyone Can Start Doing Today

Choosing to make a lifestyle change is the simple part. It's actually doing it that's difficult. We swear to cut sugar from our diets, refrain from...

Julian Hayes II
March 28 2015

9 Things A Beginner Needs To Know Before Quitting On Fitness

Here are nine lessons that will save you time and frustration along your fitness journey.

Julian Hayes II
January 12 2015