9 Articles by Jordan Dann, MFA, LP, CIRT

Jordan Dann, MFA, LP, CIRT

I'm A Couples' Therapist & These 2 Ingredients Keep Relationships Balanced

While both are necessary to a relationship, they can feel oddly contradictory.

The Conversation Every Couple Should Have Before Their First Family Holiday

The holidays can bring mixed feelings and expectations about this new family culture.

Jordan Dann, MFA, LP, CIRT
December 20 2021

How To Find The Balance Between Independence & Connection In Relationships

The two central drives for human beings are autonomy (control of our individuality) and attachment (urge for relationship).

Jordan Dann, MFA, LP, CIRT
November 17 2021

Why You Might Feel Triggered By The Seemingly Small Things Your Partner Does

It's time to rethink those "superficial issues" in your relationship.

Jordan Dann, MFA, LP, CIRT
October 26 2021

This Therapist Explains How To *Actually* Get Closure After A Breakup

"Just like it took time to learn to love this person, it takes time to unlearn how to love this person."