15 Articles by John Kim, LMFT

John Kim, LMFT

Why I Think All Men Need Therapy

Let me preface this by saying I'm part of this group, too. Just because I’m a licensed therapist doesn’t mean I don’t need therapy. I have many, many...

John Kim, LMFT
November 18 2015

What I Tell Anyone Who Wants To Be A Life Coach

As I life-coached more and more people online, I learned many things.

John Kim, LMFT
July 11 2015

3 Ways To Stop Swimming In Your Own S***

Have you ever seen fish in a dirty tank? They look droopy and dull and float around like they have shackles strapped to their fins. Their energy is...

John Kim, LMFT
June 20 2014

21 Key Ingredients Of A Happy Life

Sometimes growth is more about the questions we ask ourselves rather than searching for answers. Answers can keep us locked and stuck. But questions,...

John Kim, LMFT
April 25 2014

7 Things Men Really Really Want In A Relationship

Knowing these things may help you have a more successful relationship.

John Kim, LMFT
April 3 2014

What I Wish I'd Known Before I Became A Therapist

I've been a therapist for eight years and recently a supervisor. In that time, I've gained wisdom, experience, and confidence in helping people. ...

John Kim, LMFT
March 21 2014

15 Signs You're Living In A Depressed State + What To Do About It

There are different levels to depression, but when you're depressed, you know it. There's an internal collapse. Walls narrow. Your soul hallows. ...

John Kim, LMFT
January 2 2014

The 5 Most Important Life Lessons

Recently, I become a certified marriage family therapist supervisor and started my journey mentoring up-and-coming therapists. I wanted to give them...

John Kim, LMFT
November 18 2013

How To Break Any Bad Habit

Learning to understand the self is a lot like stirring water in a glass. If we don’t stir, sentiments stay at the bottom of the glass and our water...

John Kim, LMFT
August 15 2013

6 Fears You Need To Master To Be Happy

Our fears keep us locked in our head, and ultimately limit our potential.

John Kim, LMFT
April 10 2013

The Angry Therapist: How To Break Up With Someone

Ending a relationship is one of the most difficult things we can do.

John Kim, LMFT
April 2 2013

The Difference Between Healthy Love and Unhealthy Love

First, I believe there are two types of love: healthy and unhealthy.

John Kim, LMFT
July 11 2012