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Joanne Guidoccio

How To Celebrate Rejection & Stick To Your Goal

I’m always on the lookout for unique word combinations, but this one took me by surprise. I couldn’t imagine a more unlikely word pair than “celebrate...

Joanne Guidoccio
October 1 2013

Oh, Hello! I'm 58 & PROUD

I was excited about meeting the visiting author, but worried about his reaction to the 25 pages I'd submitted. Would he like my work or would he...

Joanne Guidoccio
June 12 2013

If You Think It's Too Late To Follow Your Dreams, Read This

In 2008, after 31 years of teaching high school math, I retired. During that time, the mathematics department had gone from predominantly male to...

Joanne Guidoccio
June 6 2013

If You've Been Rejected, Read This

Whenever I receive several rejection letters in a week, or feel the need for an extra dose of creative motivation, I read this story, which is adapted...

Joanne Guidoccio
April 7 2013

How I Turned My Life's Dream Into A Reality At Age 58

Last January, I was on the verge of abandoning my writing dream. I was letting it die a slow death because I was consumed by negative thoughts.

Joanne Guidoccio
March 30 2013

Easy Ways to Lose Weight on a Budget

My friends and I refuse to do the math. It would be too depressing to discover just how much money we have spent on expensive diet plans over the...

Joanne Guidoccio
November 10 2012